Town & Country Baseball State Tournament


Host Rules:

  • NEW THIS YEAR All teams will pay a $100 team gate fee upon arrival at each District host site to help pay for umpires. District sites also receive a stipend check from the league. The team advancement fee for both the Semi-State & State Finals rounds is $150 / team. No additional entry or parking fees will be charged at any host site.
  • Host site shall establish a “Tournament Director” position that does not also coach or manage a team. It does not have to be the same person for the entire round if a designated person is appointed & filling the role on-site during all games.
  • Host site shall designate a person to check each player's birth certificate that plays at your site. At the District level, this should be someone other than the Tournament Director. No player shall be allowed to play until proof of age has been provided & no team is allowed to play if roster form is not completed in its entirety. The designated person will initial in the far-right column beside each player's information at the time of check-in. We recommend that host site keep the contact #'s of the participating teams handy for later use.
  • Host site shall appoint a person to report the score after each game to a league official.
  • After the District round, the Tournament Director must simply verify that each player has been approved to play.
  • The Tournament Director will appoint a “Protest and Rules Committee” for each game of the tournament. Protests will be resolved before play resumes. The committee shall consist of the Tournament Director and one coach or parent from each team involved, with input from the umpires. The team Manager cannot serve on the protest committee. All protests should be resolved in a peaceful and professional manner without having to call League Officials. Any loss of perspective & any type of verbal or physical abuse will be grounds for ejection, forfeiture of game &/or team, law enforcement if needed & ban from future participation in the tournament.
  • The tournament host shall provide 2 “patched” umpires & 1 adult scorekeeper per tournament. Although a Town & Country certification is preferred, a patch from any baseball sanctioning body is acceptable.
  • Host site will provide all game balls needed to run a tournament. Town & Country will furnish each host site with at least 2 dozen new game balls. Any player that hits a home run shall be awarded the ball.
  • Host shall maintain the pitcher's log (provided by Town & Country) to track innings pitched.
  • District host sites will collect a $100 team gate fee & a stipend check from the Town & Country League. Semi-State & State host sites will collect a $150 advancement fee from all qualifying teams. No additional entry or parking fees will be charged at any host site. Town & Country will provide all trophies; champion-ship signs & at least 2 doz. balls to each host site round. Balls from the host site are also allowed.

Team Roster Rules:

  • NEW THIS YEAR Each team is allowed 15 players on the roster submitted at check-in, but only a maximum of 13 are allowed on the active game-day lineup for each game. A player must be listed on the 15-player roster at the onset to eligible for any game in any round. Rosters may not be changed once submitted at the District round.
  • The roster must be selected from players who participated in at least ½ of their regular season team's scheduled games. Any exception must be approved by a Town & Country Board member.
  • Each player must furnish a legal birth certificate at the District level to be eligible for the tournament. A member of the Town & Country Board of Directors must approve any other document used for proof of age.
  • A maximum of 3 coaches & a scorekeeper are allowed in the dugout.
  • Eligibility age is determined by the age as of April 30 (10th b-day on 4/30 is 10, but if b-day is on 5/1, age is 9)
  • A player can be listed on two different tournament team rosters from the same league, but not on the same age level & can only play for one team at a time per round (ex. 10-yr-old plays on 10u District team, then the 12u Semi-State team)

Tournament Playing Rules

  • Tournament will be played using Town & Country Rule Book with the following modifications & clarifications:
  • Pitching Rules 8.07 (D), (E), (G) & (I) shall not apply.

Tournament Pitching Rules

  • Pitchers are allowed a maximum of 12 innings for each round of the state tournament.
  • Pitchers will be limited to:
    • 4 innings per game
    • 6 innings in any calendar day
  • One pitch thrown to a batter will count as an inning pitched.
  • A starting pitcher may re-enter as a pitcher once in a game.
    • If a starting pitcher is removed after throwing a pitch in an inning and re-enters in the same inning, it will not count as an additional inning pitched.
  • A pitchers innings reset with advancement to the next round of the state tournament.
  • Rule 3.03 (A) & (D) re: minimum playing requirements for a substitute shall not apply in tournament. A substitute is not required to fulfill any playing requirements in tournament play.
  • Slash bunting aka "butcher-boy play"

    Bunting is allowed, but once a batter squares to bunt, he may not pull bat back & swing. If batter swings after showing the bunt position, or attempts a slap or drag bunt, a dead ball will be called, batter is out & all runners return to previous base. The umpire has full discretion to interpret, warn & enforce as needed.

  • Run Rules

    8u          (max of 6 runs per inning for the first 5 innings)
    10u / 12u     (max of 10 runs per inning for the first 5 innings)
    8u mercy rules       10u / 12u mercy rules
    15 after 3 innings       15 after 3 innings
    10 after 4 innings       10 after 4 innings
                        8 after 5 innings

  • Time Limit (District Round only): A 1-hr. 45 min. time limit will be enforced for any team's First-Round game & for all First-Round games in the loser's bracket. No time limit on any other games, unless by special exception (weather, etc.) approved through the league office prior to start of game. Any inning started prior to the time limit shall be completed. Rule 4.10 applies.

All other rules follow the Town & Country Rulebook




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